James Pilkington

is an English film and commercial director, specializing in comedy. He trained at The University of Westminster Film School in London, and has gone on to write and direct a number of award-winning shorts and commercials.

In 1998 his first short film "Pocket" won the BBC award for Best Short Film. In 1999 he was commissioned by the BBC to write and direct a 10/10 short that resulted in the highly acclaimed children's film "Disco." In 2000 his quirky comedy about a man with an imaginary girlfriend, "Sweet" earned an award from Empire Magazine for Best Short Film, was a runner-up for best film in the London Film Festival and was nominated for a BAFTA. He has since made a short film in French "Magnifique" (2007) for Schweppes, and also a disturbing black comedy "Reg"(2009) which he admits he made solely for himself.

His commercial work includes spots for Dove, Mars, Lynx, Tango, Ikea, Snickers, Starburst, Canon, Orbit, and MEGA. James is an international director, who has worked all over the world for many respected agencies, and is represented by the following in the respective territories.

AWhiteLabelProduct (U.S.), Mustard (U.K./FR), Vollmilch (DE), Rapid Films (AUS/NZ), Bistro Films (CZ), Protos (SK). For feature films, he is represented by The Gersch Agency (N.Y.) in the U.S.



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James Pilkington